Notes To Brides (Before & During The Wedding)

29 May

This article speaks to the bride because the bride makes or influences the wedding plans. When it is all said and done. She is the one that should be happy. She is the most important person on the day and her happiness should be ensured.
Assuming you took care of all the necessary paper work, location and catering. Start thinking “What Ifs”. Even with the best plans in place. There are things that can happen beyond your control. So if possible, try to have back up plans for the major parts of the wedding day’s proceedings. With all those bases covered . You should now be concentrating on yourself and how to make the best of your special day.

Choosing your Dress , Veil, Shoes and of course the Rings.

Your wedding dress should be selected based on the location and time of day of the ceremony.
A long dress with 6′ to 10′ of tail dragging behind is usually more suited for a church or indoor wedding.
While a shorter one or one that can be buttoned/hooked up to make it shorter is better for a beach or outdoor locations.
The Veil/Tiara/ Head Piece/Rose are all things that are fitted to your hair. They should be light weight and secured firmly to the hair. You don’t want to be making adjustments during the wedding. For the rose in the hair. You should confirm how you will be standing before the marriage officer, so that you can know what side to place it. When fitting these hair decorations care should be taken to ensure that the comb like areas are pushed deep enough between your hair so that they are covered or hidden.
Shoes should be stylish as well as practical. Remember, you will be wearing them for several hours. Ensure that your shoes fit comfortably before the day of the wedding. Walk around indoors and outdoors several times on different days. I’m sure you would like to be smiling not grimacing on your special day. A new pair of shoes that was only tried in the store once then worn on the wedding day is a risky thing to do.
Last but by no means least. The Ring aka. The Bling, The Rock etc. etc. is a very important component of the wedding . However some couples choose to use a substitute when doing their wedding out of country. For those of you who plan to have the “real deal” on location out of the country. It’s best to have it insured. A lot of things can happen from point “A” to point “B”
Another out of country factor to bear in mind is the possibility of your finger joints swelling when you move from a country of cold climatic condition to a warm one. Testing the ring on location before and or applying some form of lubricant just before the ceremony should help to get you over this bump.

Rehearsal and Order of Proceedings

Large or Small. You should demand a rehearsal. Very few proceedings happen without glitches. So you can minimize or eliminate potential mishaps by ensuring that people go through the motions of what they are supposed to do on the day. Religion, Tradition and Location can dictate the format of proceedings. In recent times, couples have chosen to deviate from the norm. Especially in Negril Jamaica where weddings on the beach carries a flexible and relaxed theme. Be sure that your wedding planner, the marriage officer and the wedding party knows the format you decide on.

The Ceremony

During the ceremony there are a few things that will help to enhance your photographic record of the occasion. Ensure that your maid of honor/matron of honor is aware of her duty to be there for you every step of the way egs. always checking your hair, face, necklace/pendant dress etc. and making adjustments if necessary. The officiating minister will tell you what to say and do so you won’t even have to think unless you wish to do personal stuff. You and your fiancé should be looking at each other as much as possible. When the ring is going on angle your hand so that your guests can see the ring and for that first kiss, try to do it in a way that your heads don’t block the view of each other.

Photo Session

After the signing and presentation of the marriage certificate it’s usually time for the photo session. Assign the task of shouting and getting people in place for photos to your maid of honor or another capable person. Your mission is to be flexible, smile and look pretty.
At the end of the day. The Photos/Video are part of the treasured memories you will have to cherish for life. So don’t be shy. Make suggestions to your photographer and be receptive to new ideas. This will help to ensure that you get unique photos and “Bragging Rights Swagger”

The Reception

At the reception you may not be asked to say anything. Toasts and other formalities will happen around you and your photographer will be busy capturing the moments.  So eat, drink, smile a lot and be merry.


Boutonniere (Weight, Size, Etc.)

30 Apr

Note: A crooked boutonniere can really detract from an otherwise great shot.

The Boutonniere!  It is that small decorative bouquet of flowers that the groom wears on either the left or right side of his shirt or jacket.

Some grooms wear them, some don’t.  The point I want to make is that, at times very little thought and attention is given to the boutonniere’s size, weight, the side it goes on and the best way to fit it so that it does not fall off.

Tradition, culture and personal preference usually dictate the side of the chest it is worn on. The type of shirt or jacket needs to be taken into consideration when deciding on the size and weight of the boutonniere. Almost any size or weight will easily stay in place on a standard jacket, but a shirt or jacket that is made of thin material will not support a large or heavy boutonniere. Yes. I have personally seen hundreds of them improperly fitted and or fallen off. As a rule of thumb, get smaller or lighter ones for shirt and jacket made from light weight material. It helps to have a good idea of the maximum weight your clothing will support properly. It is also important to ensure that it is secured properly to avoid awkward moments during the wedding. I believe the best way to secure it is to hand stitch it to the clothing with matching thread or have a gadget designed specifically for that purpose

So, get a suitable boutonniere and do whatever you have to in ensuring that this little detail does not spoil your photos.

Be In The Know About Your Wedding Shoot

24 Mar

Your wedding day is one of the most important day in your life. Your Photographic memories should be cherished forever. Discuss your Photo Shoot with your Photographer before you get to the location and when you get there.


 First and foremost ensure that you discuss your wedding shoot with your photographer or photo company. This helps to prevent setting up challenging shooting situations that could work to your disadvantage. More often than not good photos/videos are obtained by planning not by chance. If you have special poses or concerns in mind, be sure to mention them.
 Remember, wedding photos/videos do not always have to look traditional. Think outside the box!!!!!

Beach & Shoreline Locations in Negril Jamaica (Lighting etc.)
 For these locations morning hours are best where lighting is concerned! This gives about a 70% guarantee of having a natural sunlit sparkle and blue sea in the background of your photos and video.

There is also the possibility of shadows under the eyelids and chin which can be minimized with the use of fill flash.

 A beach wedding in the afternoon hours offers less than a 50% chance of having a good sunset, a chance of rain, losing the natural light sooner than anticipated and the possibility of shooting into heavy backlight which will make people look dark (depending on the choice of flash). Videotaping in heavy backlight is worse than shooting still photos – the details of the background and clothing may have to be sacrificed to get the necessary exposure on peoples’ faces.
Depending on the time of year and time of day, lighting condition can be improved by angling person’s back up the beach as opposed to out to sea. This however may cause some concerns with uninvited guest in the background. However with a well timed sunset, and the appropriate amount of flash, your photos can be absolutely breathtaking.

Other Important Factors to take into Consideration
Brides please remember that when marching up the aisle, walk slowly, smile and try not to look down. Looking up guarantees more opportunities of getting good shots with your eyes open.
 Remember when you are exchanging your vows always look at each other and not the marriage officer. This will give your photos/video a more romantic look and will also lessen the chance of shooting the back of your heads.
 While putting on rings show the bling! Angle your hands in a way that the photographer/videographer can get a clean shot of the rings going on.

Kissing shot looks better when the couple’s faces can be seen from the side by the camera. We know, grooms, that you just want to swoop in and kiss your beautiful bride, but remember in going in for the kiss you can block the view of your bride’s face and end up showing the back of your head to the camera. Try to avoid doing so or if you do, be prepared to kiss her again to ensure a photo that you would prefer.
 It is always good once the ceremony ends that the couple should always try to look at each other and/or make conversation during recessional, and any other time while walking towards or away from video camera. This really enhances your wedding video!
 Brides, show off the “rock” while signing the register (even when others are signing) – try to ensure that the hand with the ring is always on the table and not in your lap. Yes, it’s about the bling!!!!!

 If there is no designated podium for guest giving toasts they should be asked to stand close to the people they are toasting. This makes practical sense in capturing a shot that tells the story. Remember that your wedding could be shot with one video camera (unless other arrangements are made), so strategic staging will give more value for money.

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